About MoMo Chapeaux

Morag Young is the MoMo of MoMo Chapeaux. She was born in The Outer Hebridies of Scotland and lived on the small Island Of Eriskay with her family until she was 5. She now lives on the West Coast of Scotland where she creates beautiful, unique hats and headpieces.

Her nieces and nephews came up with the “momo” as it was easier to say, and it stuck. She is a mother of five, and she and her husband divide their time between the West Highlands, Edinburgh and France.

Many days, you will find her creating in the colourful studio at her house “Roshinish”, in Glenachulish Glen, near Glencoe. You are welcome to visit, although most find a telephone call or facebook message an easier way to get in touch!

Morag designs every article and personally makes many of them, taking individual care in the artistry at work.  She sources the fabrics from the islands and across Scotland and is proud of the pedigree and professionalism of every step of the process.

She is perhaps most content when challenged with a specific assignment  – for example, she loves receiving a photograph of a client, a piece of dress material and the request to create a hat to impress.

Our wonderful location

All MoMo Textitles are handmade in Scotland using fine Scottish Woollens, Silks and Harris Tweed.

A Lifetime of Tweed.

"Harris Tweed is our symbol of life, its very special to us.
Our island culture is intimately bound to every metre of the tweed.
It gives us great independence and a reverence for nature."

Donald John MacKay MBE


MoMo works…

Each handcrafted piece is unique. I work closely with clients throughout. The design process results in a tailor made piece to perfectly suit the clients specification while maintaining their personality and sense of style.